The SFO Representatives leadership team has three main responsibilities – to exceed the expectations of our clients, deliver on our commitment to employees and grow our company. We believe in hard work, are passionate about what we do and take pride knowing that together, our accomplishments make an important contribution to our communities and our country.

A large part of our success in collaborating with our customers boils down to key principles in any business: Communication, clarity, reliability and extensive industry knowledge. We have move than 100+ years of combined experience within our team at SFO Reps. From the origin of sale all the way to installation, we pride ourselves in helping throughout the entire process to promote a smooth transition.

Our company goals are quite simple: provide unparalleled customer service to our customers and vendors, take care of our employees personally and professionally and take care of our families.

Evan began his career in the Electrical Industry in 1996. He has held every position within his field. When the opportunity arose to purchase SFO Representatives, Inc. Evan knew it would be a success. With Evan’s impactful knowledge, care for the customer, and strong business relationships he is an Industry Leader. Evan is passionate about sharing his knowledge and using critical thinking to collaborate with his customers in overcoming obstacles and solving problem projects. Evan has helped to create a team of exceptional talent at SFO Reps with combined electrical expertise of well over 100 years. In Evan’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and dog, playing guitar, working outside and immersing himself in music at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

For over 20 years, Liza has been a noteworthy leader in the Corporate Finance space. You may know her from her work as an Area Market Manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Liza was responsible for her Team’s success in the annual funding of over $20 billion in financing year after year. Liza was honored with numerous awards for leading the top funding team in the United States. At SFO Reps, Liza is responsible for the Corporation’s success in Finance, Compliance, HR and SFO Reps’ continued commitment to excellence. Liza lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her family. When she is not keeping busy with work, you can find her in her garden, reading or traveling with her family. Her favorite city is New York City as it encompasses everything she loves; the arts, history, architecture, fashion, music and food.

For over 25 years, Curt has been a Bay Area leader in Industrial Sales. You may know him from his previous work with Snap-On or Performance Fabrication. At SFO Reps, Curt takes great care of the customer. He oversees the material out to the customer and personally checks in with SFO Reps’ customers on a continual basis. It is this personal touch that makes Curt a valued leader. Curt resides in Redwood City and his passions outside of work are spending time with this family, cars of all genres and generations, and cooking in his incredible outdoor kitchen.

Colton is an experienced Salesperson, Bartender and Home Chef. Driven by customer satisfaction, he takes pride in providing the best hospitality possible. As a Senior Sales Rep, his goals include strong customer and vendor relationships as well as prompt service. In addition to his primary job functions, Colton has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary commitment to treating everyone as if they were family. In his spare time, Colton loves to cook. He is very talented in the kitchen creating incredible meals.

Garret takes pride in seeing the process from start to finish. With more than 14 years of experience in the Electrical Industry, Garret has held most roles within his field. Some of his greatest accomplishments were achieved by his hard work and dedication to the craft as well as working with teams on complex problems requiring unique solutions. Garret believes thorough communication is the key to all systems working properly within business. His passions and work values are simple: take care of the customer, take care of your co-workers and take care of your family. His interests outside of work are woodworking, gardening, personal and community development, hiking and hunting.

Aaron is an experienced Production Manager, Panel Builder and Breaker Wizard. Driven by his commitment to excellence, he takes pride in providing outstanding service day after day. His business goals are to always achieve the fastest production times in the industry and to expand in-house capabilities. Aaron is always thinking ahead for the customer. In addition to his primary job functions as Head of Production, Aaron has been recognized for his extraordinary commitment and passion he has for his job.  Away from work, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family.

Darrell is an experienced Sales Manager with over 30 years in the Electrical Field. He is driven by his desire to provide the very best customer experience possible. As Sales Manager, his goals include keeping the company moving forward and sharing his extensive knowledge with those who wish to learn. Darrell is a patient and thorough teacher and is passionate about sharing his experience with new learners or brainstorming with industry veterans. Speaking of Veterans, Darrell is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Andrew is an experienced Technician, Driver and Counter Salesperson. Driven by a strong work ethic, he takes pride in providing the best solution possible each and every day. As a technician, his goals include always helping others and to continue to work hard and become owner of his own shop one day. In addition to his primary job functions, Andrew has been recognized by SFO Reps for his extraordinary commitment to help further the success of the Company. In his time away from work, Andrew is very involved in music. In fact, he released an album in December 2021.

Jacob is an experienced Technician and Salesperson. Driven by is ambition to always help others, he takes pride in providing the very best customer service. As an Inventory Specialist, his goals include learning new products and growing within the Company due to internal opportunities. Jacob has been recognized by SFO Reps for his extraordinary commitment to help others and his “raise his hand” attitude to go above and beyond. Away from work, Jacob has a passion for collecting vintage and current shoes. He has an impressive collection.

Art is an experienced Breaker Tech and Driver. Art is driven by his passion to provide the best service possible. As a Breaker Tech and Driver, his goals include developing helpful habits and Art is always open to learning new things. In addition to his primary job functions, Art has been recognized for his work ethic and his extraordinary commitment to perform his responsibilities and to reach his personal and professional goals. In his spare time, Art spends time with his family playing volleyball.

Isaac is an experienced worker, learner, and technician. Driver by hard work, he takes pride in providing the best work possible. As a technician his goal is learning and improving. In addition to his primary work functions, Isaac has been recognized by others for his extraordinary commitment to SFO.

Casey is the newest member of SFO reps Family, Coming from a background in both medial and business, Casey has worked closely in customer service for almost 2 decades. As the new Outside Sales Manager, Casey brings in over a decade of sales experience, a strong work ethic and a desire to serve our customers to the best of his ability. In his spare time Casey enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, going on road trips, playing music and enjoying the outdoors at his home in Santa Cruz Mountains.

Danny is an experienced Driver and aspiring Sales Person/ Breaker Technician. Driven by his curiosity about the electrical industry. He takes pride in providing the best experiences for the people around and learn from them. His goals include helping provide a position significance at SFO and continue to always work hard and learn what the breaker world has to offer. Danny has been recognized by SFO for his work ethic and aptitude to learn something new. He also enjoys a good laugh.

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